Delite Composites offers a comprehensive range of affordable welded wire mesh for all needs and applications. Our products such as wire mesh panels and welded mesh rolls attract importers, wholesalers and brands alike thanks to a favorable pricing, consistent quality and professionnal service. Manufactured with carefully selected materials, our welded wire mesh products are made of carbon steel, welded and packed on semi-automatic lines. Our standard products come with a protective layer of zinc obtained through galvanization and outer layer of plastic coating.

welded wire mesh panel used as a public park fence

One of our strength is our ability to meet specific demands, may it be in terms of product specifications (wire diameter, wire mesh, overall dimensions), packaging or even quantities. Our business model allows us to accommodate the needs of the small to medium importers and wholesalers without compromising with quality.




Delite Composites wire mesh range comes in different sizes and formats. From rolls to panels, our products are all made using wires placed parallel to each other, thus forming a grid pattern. The wires are then welded together at each intersection, allowing for a strong and durable welded mesh panels and rolls. Here are below a few of the applications :
– Private fences & gates
– Public fences & gates
– Commercial fences & gates
– Agricultural fencing
– Animal enclosures
– Screens and guardrails

Delite Composites welded wire mesh panels and rolls are made of carbon or stainless steel. The steel grade usually depends on the market standards and applications. Wire mesh fencing, enclosure, screens and guardrails planels and rolls are galvanized (zinc alloy deposition or hot dip galvanization)  and then coated with plastic. The galvanization layer protects the welded mesh from rust, thus enhancing durability of the product. Plastic coated panels or rolls are usually known to have longer service life and have a more appealing look to end consumers.

Find below our standard mesh dimensions :
Welded wire mesh rigid panels : 100x50mm / 100x55mm / 200x50mm / 200x55mm
Welded wire square mesh rolls : 50x50mm / 50x75mm / 75x75mm / 75x100mm / 100x100mm
Other mesh dimensions available upon request.

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