Delite Composites decking range features a total of 4 different finishes. The “Ribbed” finish is the most widespread finish manufactured on production lines, mainly for 2 reasons :
Anti-skid properties. The ridges facilitate water flow and improve grip.
Fungi growth & water retention retardant. Water flows along the ridges up to the plank’s edges.

The “Wood Grain” and “Embossed” finishes focus on creating a more natural and depth. But these finishes are only available on specific profiles.
The last finish, “brushed” was widely used and featured a mostly uniform facing. However, with the development of the capped wpc technology, it is being replaced by ribbed or other finishes.

Brushed finish

Grooved finish

Embossed finish

Embossed & Brushed


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Bison Brown

Weasel Yellow

Tiger White

Grizzly Brown

Panda Red

Elephant Grey

Cattle Red

Porpoise Grey

Chow Dog Blue