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Delite Composites range includes chain link fence products and accessories such as chain link fabric, posts, tensioners, etc… Our chain link range boasts various meshes sizes, wire gauges, selvage and finishes. In a word, we cater to a large range of needs and applications that attract importers, wholesalers and brands alike. Delite Composite chain link solutions all come from a selection of reliable chain link fence manufacturer. Our products are manufactured with great care and attention to meeting performance criterias,but is available at affordable prices.

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We distinguish ourselves from the standard Chinese chain link fence manufacturer by  carefully selecting raw materials. Our experience allows us to efficiently guide through your selection process, whether it is for BGW and AGW products, selvage type or finish.
One of our strength is our ability to meet specific demands, may it be in terms of product specifications (wire diameter, wire mesh, overall dimensions), packaging or even quantities. Our business model allows us to accommodate the needs of the small to medium importers and wholesalers without compromising with the quality.




Delite Composites, as any other chain link fence manufacturer, offers the possibility to order the same product but in different mesh sizes and gauges.

Here are the chain link wire gauges and meshes sizes you an choose from :

Meshes = 30×30 / 50×50 / 60x60mm

Delite Composites chain link fence products are made of low carbon steel or stainless steel weaved into a chain link fabric. Weaving is done on automatic lines at operated by a reliable chain link manufacturer’s seasoned workers.

Our chain link fabrics can be made of GAW (Galvanized After Weaving) or GBW  (Galvanized before weaving) wire, depending on the order’s specifics.

Surface finish available from chain link fence manufacturer can be:

  • zinc coated,
  • rich galvanization
  • plastic coated.

The kind of finish usually depends on two parameters : the type of application + the life expectancy of the product.

While some markets have standards in place (basic safety and quality expectations), some markets leave it to the fence importers, chain link fence manufacturer, and  fence brands to set the requirements themselves.

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